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Jordan Parker
Joseph Spalding
Sherdon Rijsenberg
Celmo Queta

Our Story

Test Your Limit is created to help young adults reach and exceed their potential. We are a company that is dedicated to improving the wellbeing of the youths within our community. We believe that providing outdoor sport activities along with personal development coaching, creates a structural path which improves the quality of life for our youths. We strive to helps these young adults unlock and developing skills that will assist them in achieving their personal and professional goals.

About Us

 We specialise in providing personal development coaching and fitness trainings in the form of bootcamps, personal training and nutrition advice for young adults. Our research suggests that outdoor sports can play a significant role in the development and growth of an individual.

Through our bootcamp trainings, we strive to promote teamwork, build resilience and endurance by creating a strong mind set for never giving up or quitting.  On the other hand, we aim to develop a growth mindset through our personal development coaching.

We realised that most young adults after finishing school or university, are still lacking a purpose and have yet to create their professional brand. We intend to provide sufficient coaching that will serve as a roadmap for developing their professional brand, and develop soft skill that will help in their personal and professional life

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